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Saving energy can be simple and inexpensive. Our tools allow you to learn about your energy use and take steps to make your home energy efficient within your budget. First, arm yourself with information – discover your home’s flaws in ten minutes or less with our Energy Tests & Audits. Next, download our resources to gain a better understanding of how to execute each project and get the most out of your home. Don’t forget to pledge your commitment to helping Virginia reach its goal to reduce energy use by 10% – because saving energy just makes sense.


Created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program, the My ENERGY STAR tool for Virginia Energy Sense provides tips and home improvement projects to help take your home to the next level of energy savings! Check out our featured tips to get started. For more advanced tasks to conserve energy at home, browse the different tabs to find the



Virginia Energy Sense’s mission is to help all Virginians understand their energy use and how to save energy easily and cost effectively. For many residents, the best way to achieve energy savings is by making small adjustments around the house.  There are many fun projects you can take on to improve the comfort of your home and reduce your utility

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