Be Smart. Be Cool. BE PAID!

This post was submitted by Adam, from the Arlington Initiative to Reduce Emissions (AIRE).    Dominion Virginia Power rolled out a Smart Cooling Rewards program that single-family residents can take advantage of. What’s the Smart Cooling Rewards program?  I’m glad you asked. Dominion will pay you $40 a year to let them install a device that cycles your air-conditioning system off during periods of peak demand.  This

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Simple Way to Save on Power Bills

Did you know 30% to 50% of your electricity bill pays for the energy lost through small holes and cracks in your home? This is known as air leakage – and it’s the biggest cause of heating and cooling loss. Cracks are often found around pipes, door frames and electrical outlets. Fortunately, there are some easy fixes for smaller air

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EnduraLED A21 Bulb

EnduraLED A21 Bulb

This new bulb, the EnduraLED A21, from Phillips, will retail for about $40, last 25,000 hours and produce 1100 lumens of light by consuming just 17 watts of electricity. (A standard 75-watt lamp from GE produces 1170 lumens.) Over the life of the lamp, consumers will save $160.

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How to make your gas last longer.

Gas prices are sky-rocketing and with Memorial Day right around the corner, we know you don’t want to miss the annual family picnic at Aunt Genie’s! (Or something like that). So we’ve decided to give you a few pointers on how to reduce the amount of gas you use when traveling, especially now, because every bit counts! Note: Tips courtesty of

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Winner of our Social Media Contest

Winner of our Social Media Contest

Washington Redskins player and Virginia native, DeAngelo Hall, recorded some great Public Service Announcements for Virginia Energy Sense last week to help get the word out on the importance of being energy efficient to Virginians. Recording took place at the CBS Washington radio station in Fairfax, VA.  DeAngelo recorded a total of five PSA’s. Some were geared towards specific regional

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