Be Smart. Be Cool. BE PAID!

Be Smart. Be Cool. BE PAID!

This post was submitted by Adam, from the Arlington Initiative to Reduce Emissions (AIRE).


Dominion Virginia Power rolled out a Smart Cooling Rewards program that single-family residents can take advantage of.

What’s the Smart Cooling Rewards program?  I’m glad you asked.

Dominion will pay you $40 a year to let them install a device that cycles your air-conditioning system off during periods of peak demand.  This is smart grid technology for your air conditioner that is available to Arlington residents in single-family homes.  It benefits our community, the environment, and your wallet 

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Some fine print:

  • The program does not cycle off your compressor on holidays, weekends, or more than 30 times between June-September.
  • It is only available for single-family homes with central air conditioning systems.

Below are photos of the installed device on my air conditioning unit.  

The Smart Cooling Rewards program is designed to manage and reduce peak electricity load. Peak load occurs on hot summer days when many people are using their air conditioners and when electricity is the most expensive (and dirty) to purchase and produce.

The technology works by cycling air conditioners on and off during a peak load period. With this cycling, the indoor temperature only increases by about 1 to 3° F.  That might not seem like much, but when thousands of homes in Arlington are able to simultaneously reduce the demand for electricity together, this reduces the strain on the entire electrical distribution infrastructure.

Since electricity cannot be stored on the grid, it must be generated and delivered at the instant it is required. Consequently, all the electrical infrastructure must be built to accommodate the highest peak which occurs for only a few hours each year. The Smart Cooling Rewards program helps use the electrical system more efficiently.

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