Do Something Sweet for Your Home (and your wallet) this Valentine’s Day!

Do Something Sweet for Your Home (and your wallet) this Valentine’s Day!

On Valentine’s Day this year, besides the normal flowers and candy for loved ones, why not take a few moments to show your home and wallet some love? Here are just a few simple, quick steps (with little or no cost!) to help make your home more energy efficient during these cold months.

Take Advantage of the Sun: Before you leave in the morning, try to take advantage of the sun’s rays to naturally heat your home by opening the blinds to let the sunlight in! When you return home after the dark, make certain to close the blinds to keep the chill out.  Find out more about energy efficient window treatments.

Maintain Your Heating Systems: Take a moment and schedule a service for your heating system. And be sure to regularly replace your furnace filters to keep your HVAC system from working harder than it should be. If you have pets, you may need to replace (or clean reusable) filters more regularly to remove dust, dirt and dander.

Adjust the Temperature in Your Home: One of the simplest and most effective quick tips is to install and properly operate a programmable thermostat to help reduce heating and cooling costs – the biggest portion of your energy bill. Seems like a no-brainer, but check out this podcast from ENERGY STAR for instructions on operating your thermostat. Use your programmable thermostat to easily set the temperature back just a few degrees when you leave the house or won’t notice the change, like when you’re sleeping.

Turn Down Your Water Heater: During average seasonal temperatures, energy consumed by heating your water heater accounts for 18% of your energy bill. Though default manufacturer settings may be closer to 140 ° Fahrenheit, setting your water heater to 120° F should be sufficient for your needs while easily reducing your energy use.

Install Gaskets Behind Outlets & Switches: Installing foam gaskets behind electrical outlets and light switches to reduce air leaks and to prevent heated and conditioned air from escaping through small holes. You can also use gaskets to seal off recessed lighting and save energy.

Visit At Home Tips for tips to help you become even more energy efficient throughout your entire home.