Energy Saving Tips for the Holidays

Energy Saving Tips for the Holidays

Use LED Lights

Old incandescent holiday lights are inefficient and often times only work for one season, so consider replacing them with LED light strands. In addition to using 70% less energy than traditional bulbs, LED lights are brighter and safer. And so you can safely channel your Clark Griswold, you can connect up to 24 strings of LED lights without overloading a wall socket.  If you prefer white lights with the look of incandescent lights, look for “warm” white on the label.

Limit Hourly Usage of Tree and Display Lighting

Set timers for lights to automatically turn on and off. You can save a bundle keeping light displays on only during the evening hours when you can see them, rather than all the time.  

Creative and Reflective Decorating

You can use fewer lights, and less energy, but utilizing reflective ornaments and tinsel, which can help amplify your tree and display lighting. And don’t forget to utilize non-electricity using decorations such as ribbons, wreaths, garland, and reflective menorahs.

Energy Efficient Holiday Cooking Options

You can save energy and money by utilizing more efficient cooking appliances such as crockpots and microwaves.  Both use less energy than traditional cooking methods such as ovens and cooktop burners.

Cooking a Ham or Turkey?  

Don’t open the oven door to check your dinner’s progress.  Instead, turn on the oven light and peek in through the oven window.  

Use Pans that Fit Your Burners

Using pots and pans that are too small for your burners can result in energy waste of nearly 50 percent.
Make sure you put the right sized pans on the right sized burners.