Help Your Students Conserve Energy for Back-to-School

Help Your Students Conserve Energy for Back-to-School

School is about to start up again, and kids are making the most of their final days at home. Parents, are you having your kids start getting back into the swing of things by giving them worksheets and other activities?

You might want to take a look at the activities Virginia Energy Sense has created in collaboration with educators and the VA Department of Education. Our fun energy efficiency activities are geared toward third, fourth and fifth graders and build upon science and math standards. The materials feature such lessons as:

  • It All Adds Up: A two-part activity about components of an electricity bill and how to track energy usage.
  • Saving At Home: A three-part math lesson about how much electricity common household appliances use.
  • Value Your Power Family Scoreboard: Students work with their families to track their energy habits and come up with ideas to save energy.
  • Poster: Features energy-saving tips by room and provides space for students’ ideas to reduce energy use.

To download a digital copy of the activities, visit our At School Tips page.

If these activities leave your kids wanting to learn more, check out these additional educational resources:

  • For a more detailed bill explanation and information on reading your electric meter, visit the Understand Your Bill page.
  • To learn more about appliance energy waste visit the Smart Appliance Use page.
  • For more information on how to help kids save energy, visit our Tumblr blog for additional activities.
  • If you want more details on how to save energy in your classroom, visit the ‘At School’ Energy Saving Tips page.

If you want to keep up with the latest resources and news on energy efficiency around Virginia, drop by our Facebook and Twitter pages.