How To: Make Your Home More Comfortable with Window Film

How To: Make Your Home More Comfortable with Window Film

Drafty windows can make your home chilly and less comfortable. But with a roll of window film and a little bit of time, you can keep drafts in check. Window film helps to conserve energy, lowers energy costs and blocks up to 65% of solar energy in summer and 38% of heat loss in winter. This project is great for renters and homeowners who aren’t able to commit to large scale energy efficiency projects. And since window film can be easily applied and removed, it’s a simple DIY fix.
Cost: Window film typically costs between $1.35 and $3 per square foot installed. Proper installation is important to avoid bubbling, cracking, peeling and even film-induced glass breakage, so buy films with a material and installation guarantee of 5 to 10 years.

You’ll Need 


  • Clean and prep the window by scraping glass panes with a razor to ensure the window is free of dirt and dust build up.
  • Use a measuring tape and measure the window you want to cover. Add 1 inch to each measurement and cut film accordingly. Excess film will allow you to hold the film during application. You’ll trim the extra pieces off after installation.
  • Spray both the window glass and film with cleaning solution. This helps the window film adhere to the glass.
  • Start at the top of the window and allow the film to gently lie on the glass. Press the film in place with your hands and grab your squeegee to remove excess air and moisture from under the film. Work any air bubbles out by pushing your squeegee from the center of the window to the outer edge.
  • Trim the excess edges from the window film with a razor blade and be sure to dry the film with a cloth rag.

Other tips:

  • Window film will not adhere to a window that is too hot or too cold. Make sure to apply film during early morning or late evening hours and avoid application during periods of direct sunlight.

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