National Role Model Month with the Power Squad

National Role Model Month with the Power Squad

Did you know November is National Role Models Month? We all have many role models in our lives that deserve being celebrated all year round.  In addition to friends, family, teachers and other important leaders, there are also great examples of role models who can help make a difference in your journey to be more energy efficient!

That’s right – the models of energy-saving behavior are our very own heroes, the energy-saving Power Squad! Each of our heroes embodies a specific “super power” that you can model every day, many with little effort, to achieve super energy savings. Take a closer look at each Power Squad member to find out more about their efforts – and to be inspired with ways you can become an energy role model in your home and community.

Have a real-life energy-saving role model in your life? Tell us about him or her so we can help you celebrate their efforts. Share your role model nomination at

The Audacious Auditor:
To help detect any inefficiency throughout your home, the Audacious Auditor will guide you, step-by-step, through the process of being an energy detective. She will first assist by helping you take the free Virginia Energy Sense Home Energy Test. All you will need is your name, address and email and in 5-10 minutes you will be able to discover where your home is working too hard and recommendations to fix the issue. She also knows how to conduct her own Do-It-Yourself audit, and the even greater value that can come from working alongside a qualified professional energy auditor to spot and reduce energy waste in your home.

Captain Caulker:
A trusty friend to the Audacious Auditor is Captain Caulker, who possesses the skills to help you seal cracks, gaps, joints and other air leaks around your home that may be wasting your energy, your money and making your home less comfortable. Captain Caulker dedicates himself to informing you of the many ways to addressing air leaks, from low cost caulk and weather-stripping to spray foam insulation. By sealing leaks and drafts throughout your home, you could reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 30 percent!

The Powerful Programmer:
Our Do-It-Yourself master, the Powerful Programmer is a wizard at helping you easily save energy and money—even while you’re asleep or away from home! The Powerful Programmer has a superb list of tips (pg. 12-13) for installing, programming and operating programmable thermostats, ranging from ones your utility provider may provide to you free-of-charge, to high-tech “smart” thermostats that can make programming even easier. Why manually adjust your thermostat— increasing the chances you forget to adjust it and are paying to heat or cool an empty home— when a programmable thermostat can it do it for you? Best yet, a correctly installed and programmed thermostat can help you save up to $180 annually on energy costs!

The Champion Charger:
Champion Charger is not shy when comes to ridding her home of vampire energy use – energy use by appliances and devices left in energy-wasting stand-by mode. With her handbag full of energy-saving gadgets, she is on a quest to eliminate all stand-by energy waste — devices that pull energy even when not in use — that can result in up to $100 or more in energy costs. She is known to eliminate energy loss from TVs, lamps, video game consoles, DVRs and other electronics not in use with smart power strips and unplugging charging cords from the wall.  Her favorite gadget: an ENERGY STAR qualified, all-in-one charging station that automatically cuts power to devices after reaching full charge. Take a tip from the Champion Charger and give it a try!

The Incredible Insulator:
With the attic being a location in your home rarely visited, it can be easy to forget or be unaware of how much energy it is using — or wasting. But the attic can be the most important part of your home to check out when looking to save energy and improve your home’s comfort.  The Incredible Insulator has loads of tips on the many types and measures of insulation (like R-Values). Not sure where to get started? Follow his tips (pg. 10) for checking and improving insulation (and hiring a trained professional when needed to ensure safety) in your attic, basements, ducts, crawlspaces, hot water heater and other ways to help you reduce energy loss and put money back into your pocket.

Have you tried any of these techniques from our powerful role models or have other tips to share? Contact usto tell us which energy-saving projects you’ve successfully completed. Be a role model to others and share your favorite ways to save energy and money!