Virginia Energy Sense Resolutions Sweepstakes

Virginia Energy Sense Resolutions Sweepstakes

We all made New Year’s resolutions but are you sticking to them? The winners of our Virginia Energy Sense Resolutions Sweepstakes sure are! With the help of their energy saving prize pack, David Polk and Pamela Covington have great plans to save energy by conducting home energy assessments and changing all household lights to energy efficient CFLs and LEDs this year. Virginia Energy Sense caught up with David to get his thoughts on how other Virginians can ‘Value Your Power’. Read on to see what David had to say about energy efficiency.

Q&A with David Polk:

VES: One appliance/tech gadget you can’t live without?

DP: My laptop.

VES: Favorite tip for saving energy around the house?

DP: Change all light bulbs to energy efficient ones and make sure to turn them off when rooms are empty.  It’s the absolute simplest way to save a few bucks.

VES: Finish this sentence: One way I think Virginia can help achieve its 10% goal to reduce electricity consumption is:

DP: Just use your common sense when it comes to saving energy.  Things like turning off lights and appliances when not in use is a no-brainer.

VES: What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to saving energy? 

DP: We live in a house built in 1930 that has never been updated as far as wiring, insulation, etc. 

Check back with us, weekly, to learn more energy efficiency tips and ways to save on your utility bills. In the meantime, tell us what you’re doing to Value Your Power and save energy throughout 2012.