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What is Virginia Energy Sense?

Virginia Energy Sense is an integrated state-wide consumer education and outreach program to encourage electric energy efficiency and conservation in households, businesses, and institutions.

What is the goal of Virginia Energy Sense?

The goal of Virginia Energy Sense is to deliver information to consumers that strengthens awareness of energy efficiency and conservation and empowers them to take action at home, work and school to reduce their energy use. This goal can be achieved by:

  1. Enabling consumers to make rational and informed choices regarding their use and conservation of electricity
  2. Increasing awareness of simple and cost-effective options for reducing electricity use
  3. Helping households, businesses and institutions reduce energy consumption and increase savings

How to get it: Residents should print and return the Tankless Water Heater or Programmable Thermostat rebate forms, or call (434) 970-3812 to request a form. Residents can also pick up a certificate at the Utility Billing counter in City Hall.

When to get it: These incentives are currently available and expire on June 30, 2019.

How was Virginia Energy Sense created?

The Virginia General Assembly adopted a provision directing the State Corporation Commission (SCC) to develop and implement an electric energy consumer education program for consumers. The purpose of this program is to provide information regarding energy conservation, energy efficiency, demand-side management, demand response and renewable energy. Virginia Energy Sense was created to achieve these goals.

Who is paying for Virginia Energy Sense?

The General Assembly directed that the consumer education program be funded by using the special regulatory revenue tax that already exists to fund the regulatory responsibilities of the SCC. This tax is paid by consumers along with other taxes that appear on their monthly utility bills.

Who is involved in the program?

One of only a few independent, state-wide programs in the country, Virginia Energy Sense was created so that all Virginians across the state can get involved by:

  • Understanding their power bills in an effort to reduce energy consumption and save money
  • Taking easy, common sense steps to decrease electric usage
  • Encouraging friends, family and coworkers to do the same
How can people get involved in Virginia Energy Sense?

People can get involved TODAY by signing up for email and news alerts, taking the pledge, tracking your energy usage to earn rewards and signing up to become an energy agent. You can also become a friend of Virginia Energy Sense by following us on Facebook and Twitter, as well as following our updates on Tumblr.

Over the next several months, we will be working to identify ‘Energy Agents’ – people across the state who can help us spread the message and extend our program through partnerships and local activities.

How can people become Energy Agents?

Sign up to receive updates at the bottom of the page. You will soon receive information on how you can participate in your area.

How can people learn more about Virginia Energy Sense?

We encourage everyone to visit the Virginia Energy Sense About Us page to learn more about the program.

What’s on the web site?

The Virginia Energy Sense web site will serve as the main resource for the Virginia Energy Sense program. There you can:

  • Learn more about your energy bill and how you use energy – at home, work and school
  • Find out about available energy rebates and tax incentives
  • Use the home energy test to discover your home’s opportunities to reduce consumption and save energy
  • Look up community events in your area where you can learn more about the Campaign
  • Get involved by taking the pledge, receiving email tips and becoming an ‘Energy Agent’
Why should people get involved?

Virginia has set a goal to reduce energy consumption 10% below 2006 levels by 2022. Reaching this goal will make us smarter consumers, reduce our waste, save all Virginians money and ease the need for additional power generation stations.

Why has Virginia decided to do this Campaign now?

Virginia ranks in the middle of the pack for its overall per capita electricity, which is 29th highest among states, according to U.S. government statistics. The aim of this program is to encourage Virginians to understand their power bill and give them the right tools and information to reduce their energy consumption.

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

Is this Virginia’s first consumer education program to reduce energy consumption?

Virginia Energy Sense is the first state-wide and most comprehensive campaign in Virginia to date to reduce energy consumption. Prior to this effort, energy education in Virginia has been driven primarily through informational efforts by utility companies, community organizations, individual counties and state agencies.

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Get your students energized about responsible energy use! In partnership with the Virginia Department of Education, we’ve created fun, multi-day, Lesson plans to help you teach your students how to understand and conserve energy! They’re classroom-ready and free to use!