Water Heating

Efficient Showerhead

ShowerheadSpeaking of hot water, pick up one of these nifty showerheads that reduce the water wasted while you wait for your shower to heat up. The showerhead has a built-in thermometer and runs normally when you first turn it on and the water is still cold. Once the water’s hot, the showerhead automatically cuts the flow to a trickle. The change in sound will signal your shower’s ready and reduce wasted water before you hop in. A simple pull of a lever will return the flow to normal. Pick up one of these to help save up $145 a year on on energy costs. (Approx. $20)

Water Tank Jacket

insulation jacketHeating water takes a lot of energy, so any way you can save in this area is sure to lead to big savings. Wrap your water tank with a jacket to improve insulation by as much as 75%. Keeping the water hot lets your water heater take more frequent breaks, saving you money. ($25-30)