• Ready to start improvements around your home and fix those energy inefficiencies? Grab this checklist and schedule some time to start on the path to saving money on your energy bill. For a more in-depth look at fixes you can make around your home, download the Virginia Energy Sense Do-It-Yourself Guide.






      Exterior WallsBasements, attics and crawlspaces Insufficient insulation Added insulation
      Electrical Outlets Cracks, air leaking Caulk
      Switch Plates Cracks, air leaking Caulk
      Overhead lighting and lamps Leaving unused lights on Inefficient light bulbs Change your lighting habits Switch to CFC bulbs or LED lights
      Wiring Air leaks, cracks or holes in walls around wiring Caulk
      Windows/ Frames Leaks in window frames Drafty or old windows in winter Cracks near or in window frames Caulk Plastic sheeting Storm windows
      Baseboards Cracks Caulk
      Door Frames/ Weather Stripping Drafts and air leaks Weather stripping Caulk
      Doors Cracks or holes Caulk Insulation Weather strip
      Fireplace Make sure flue is tightly closed Drafts and air leaks Close flue if open Caulk or weather strip leaks
      Attic Cracks and leaks, especially at the attic entrance if near an air conditioned/heated room Caulk Weather stripping
      A/C Units Cracks and air leaks, particularly around window-mounted unitsAir filters Caulking/insulation Replace with a new filter
      Air Registers Dirty registers decreasing air flow Air Leaks or disconnected ducts Clean the air registers Replace duct work Reattach connections with duct tape
      PipesPlumbing Leaks, cracks or holes surrounding plumbing Caulk Foam
      Foundation Cracks or holes Cement patches Insulation
      Siding Cracks and air leaks Caulk Insulation New paint
      Mail Slots Cracks and air leaks Caulk
      Refrigerator Gaskets and seals Check to see if you can slip a piece of paper between the gasket and the doorframe Replace gaskets and seals
    Lesson Plans
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    Get your students energized about responsible energy use! In partnership with the Virginia Department of Education, we’ve created fun, multi-day, Lesson plans to help you teach your students how to understand and conserve energy! They’re classroom-ready and free to use!