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Monthly Energy-Saving Tip

Champion Charger FB ProfileMeet Champion Charger! She’s on a mission to rid the world of lurking energy vampires. She uses ENERGY STAR chargers, an all-in-one charging station that automatically cuts power and an energy-saving power strip to ensure her power cords don’t draw energy when not in use. Tips for the Champion:

  • Use “smart” power strips to fully shut off products that have an energy-wasting standby mode while still maintaining power to “critical” devices and save up to $100 on energy costs.
  • Eliminate “vampire load” – power pulled by devices not in use – by unplugging appliances that aren’t used frequently such as your toaster, DVD player and coffee maker.
  • If you don’t have a “smart” power strip, basic power strips are still effective by allowing you to cut power to all devices with one flip of the switch.

Learn more from the Power Squad by visiting the “Tools & Tips” tab and “At Home Tips” or clicking here.



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