Who We Are

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Virginia Energy Sense is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s energy education program. We operate under the guidance of the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

Since 2009, Virginia Energy Sense has worked to educate Virginians about their electricity use and the steps they can take to conserve energy, creating smarter energy users at home, at work, and at school.

Reducing energy use can put money back in your pocket — without sacrificing your comfort. It also helps our state’s economy and cleans our air, land, and water. Everyone can do their part to help, with the right information. That’s where Virginia Energy Sense comes in.

Virginia Energy Sense provides tools that educate and empower all Virginians to get involved and lower the amount of electricity they use.

Saving energy just makes good sense.

This website is the main resource for the Virginia Energy Sense program. Here you can:

Virginia Energy Sense is proud to partner with ENERGY STAR to save Virginians energy and money and help protect our climate.

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