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Virginia Energy Sense has been covered by outlets across the Commonwealth. Whether we’re sharing simple energy saving tips with homeowners and renters or spreading the word about renewable resources, we are committed to educating Virginians about energy efficiency. For media requests, please email us at For previous news coverage of Virginia Energy Sense, visit our In the News page.

About Us

Virginia Energy Sense is the Commonwealth’s energy education program, operating under the guidance of the State Corporation Commission. According to a recent survey conducted by Virginia Energy Sense, 4 out of 5 Virginians are willing to learn more about steps they can take to reduce their energy usage. Our mission is to help Virginians understand their energy use and the steps they can take to save energy easily and cost-effectively.

2023 Consumer Survey

Virginia Energy Sense conducted an online quantitative survey of 1,203 Virginians in October 2023. The survey measured the public’s perspectives about energy conservation, gauging interest in energy-saving steps and renewable energy incentives and assessing the impact of rising energy costs.

2023 Consumer Survey


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