Benefits of Energy Efficiency

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Using energy wisely keeps you comfortable, saves money, protects the environment, and ensures that we all have power when we need it.

It may not feel like reducing your energy usage will change much. However, the more people there are who take steps to use energy efficiently, the greater the overall impact. Help your community by becoming a smarter energy user.

Lowering Electricity Prices and Improving Reliability

Our energy providers must always be ready to generate as much electricity as we need at any given moment, even during cold winter nights and sweltering summer days when demand for energy increases. It is during these peak times that electricity generation costs are the highest for utilities, which ultimately pass costs on to Virginia consumers. By reducing our electricity usage, we’re helping to keep prices down and ensure the reliability of energy delivery.

Reducing Air Pollution

Virginians rely on electricity to power their homes and businesses and support their quality of life. However, pollution caused by the combustion of fossil fuels has damaging effects on Virginia’s climate as well as its air and water quality. The consequences are seen in the health and safety of its citizens and wildlife. Electricity conservation contributes to improved air quality and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Limiting the Need To Generate Electricity

The average new home size has increased over the past several decades. We have more electronic devices that require power, and the number of Virginia residents is climbing. We must take advantage of every opportunity to reduce our energy usage so that we limit our need to generate more electricity. Doing so will save money and ensure a reliable power infrastructure for our homes, schools, and industries while reducing emissions that are harmful to our planet and our health.