Energy Saving Tips for the Garage

Let’s say you have completed your personal home energy saving checklist.  You’ve caulked and sealed cracks and gaps around your home, you use a programmable thermostat that regulates your home’s heating and cooling when you’re away, and your neighbors know that you’ve bulked up your insulation levels in the attic. You’ve done great! But alas, there may be more energy-and

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Energy-Saving Resolutions for 2014

It’s never too early to start thinking about your goals for the New Year. This season, after making your traditional pledges, consider adding a new one to your list: resolve to save energy and money by making your home more energy efficient. The Commonwealth of Virginia has taken the challenge to reduce energy consumption by 10%. You can help reach

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The Twelve Days of Energy Savings

Between holiday lighting displays, large festive meals and the arrival of cold weather, Americans use the largest amount of energy in December and January. Spreading holiday cheer doesn’t have to come with a hefty energy bill. There are many ways you can save energy this winter while still celebrating the holidays and keeping cozy. This is the perfect time of

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Turn a Scary Basement into Thrilling Savings: Series Pt. IV – Basement

This is the final post in our series featuring ways to reduce consumption and save money in your home’s most used rooms. Homeowners use their basements for many different purposes. For some, it’s an entertainment space and for others it’s a storage room. But for too many Virginians it’s an energy wasting nightmare. While the basement may be the last

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A New October Tradition

A New October Tradition

By Andy Farmer October brings a number of well-known family traditions, like visits to pumpkin patches, Halloween costume shopping and eating a year’s worth of candy in a single day. This year, we’re asking Virginia’s families to add a lesser known, but equally important ritual to the mix: taking action to reduce their energy use. October is Energy Action Month,

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