Jack is back!

We have brought Jack back to teach your kids about energy efficiency. Watch this energy efficiency video for ideas. What other way have you come up with for your family to become more energy efficient?

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3 Programmable Thermostat Myths

Programmable thermostats are an easy and effective way to carefully manage the temperature of your home and maximize your energy savings. By allowing you to pre-set the temperature for different times of the day, you can ensure that your heating system isn’t running when it doesn’t need to. Despite being an effective way to reduce your energy bill, there can

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How to Seal Air Leaks with Caulk

Regardless of the season, air leaks can cost you hundreds of dollars in wasted energy each year. When air is leaking from your home, it forces your heating and cooling systems to work harder to regulate the temperature, which ultimately raises your energy bill. Filling air leaks with caulk is a quick and easy way to prevent waste. The steps you

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Energy Saving Tips for the Holidays

Use LED Lights Old incandescent holiday lights are inefficient and often times only work for one season, so consider replacing them with LED light strands. In addition to using 70% less energy than traditional bulbs, LED lights are brighter and safer. And so you can safely channel your Clark Griswold, you can connect up to 24 strings of LED lights

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