Summer Vacation Tips

Summer Vacation Tips

With summer underway, breaks from school and work can mean a busy traveling season or extra time to relax at home. Homeowners often take steps to prepare for their trips, from arranging for pet care and mail pick-up to extra locks and timers to secure their homes.

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Tips for Renters

Virginians living in rental properties can face unique challenges when it comes to energy consumption. Many factors that affect residential energy use, such as the home’s structure, appliances and levels of insulation, may be controlled by the home owner or property manager. Fortunately for short- and long-term renters alike, there are still plenty of opportunities to make your home more energy efficient that can make a positive impact on electricity costs.

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Spring Energy Tune-Up: HVAC

Spring Energy Tune-Up: HVAC

Barbecues, summer pool parties and festival season is right around the corner. Be sure to service your HVAC system now so that when you come home from a hot day, your house doesn’t feel like a sauna. Here are a few tips to keep your home cool while maximizing energy efficiency and keeping your energy costs down. Make sure your

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Created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program, the My ENERGY STAR tool for Virginia Energy Sense provides tips and home improvement projects to help take your home to the next level of energy savings! Check out our featured tips to get started. For more advanced tasks to conserve energy at home, browse the different tabs to find the



Virginia Energy Sense’s mission is to help all Virginians understand their energy use and how to save energy easily and cost effectively. For many residents, the best way to achieve energy savings is by making small adjustments around the house.  There are many fun projects you can take on to improve the comfort of your home and reduce your utility

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Jack is back!

We have brought Jack back to teach your kids about energy efficiency. Watch this energy efficiency video for ideas. What other way have you come up with for your family to become more energy efficient?

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3 Programmable Thermostat Myths

Programmable thermostats are an easy and effective way to carefully manage the temperature of your home and maximize your energy savings. By allowing you to pre-set the temperature for different times of the day, you can ensure that your heating system isn’t running when it doesn’t need to. Despite being an effective way to reduce your energy bill, there can

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