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Virginia Energy Sense Launches New Public Service Announcement Urging Virginians To Save Energy

– Statewide Program Ramping Up As Colder Weather Approaches –

RICHMOND, VA – Today Virginia Energy Sense is launching a new TV public service announcement urging Virginians to save energy. The 30-second PSA includes shots of wonderful Virginia tourism destinations and things to do there, while emphasizing how Virginians can help pay for fun activities by actively taking steps to reduce their electricity consumption. The PSA shows that by “unplugging appliances” or “adjusting their water heaters,” Virginians can enjoy the benefits of being able to spend their energy dollars elsewhere. “Every Virginian has a part to play in meeting our statewide electric energy reduction goal,” says Andy Farmer, manager of the Virginia Energy Sense consumer education program for the State Corporation Commission. “Every person who takes action gets something out of it too – the purpose of this PSA is to show that by saving energy, Virginians can spend their money elsewhere and take advantage of some of the things that make our commonwealth so great. The PSA closes by linking to and asking Virginians to text “POWER” to 52886 to receive quick and easy tips on how to save energy. You can watch the PSA here, and embed it with the code below:

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Virginia Energy Sense is the Commonwealth’s energy education program under the guidance of the State Corporation Commission. Virginia has set a goal to reduce electric energy consumption 10 percent below 2006 levels by 2022.

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