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VIRGINIA INTRODUCES PROGRAM TO ENCOURAGE STATEWIDE ENERGY REDUCTION Virginia Energy Sense Calls on Residents to ‘Value Your Power’ and Reduce Electricity Use

Richmond, VA – The Virginia State Corporation Commission has introduced a new consumer education program to help Virginians become smarter energy users and reduce their electricity consumption. Virginia Energy Sense gives consumers an accessible and informative source for energy conservation and efficiency information. The statewide initiative encourages Virginians to “value your power.” Using tools, resources and outreach that together have never before been used in a state-led energy education program, Virginia Energy Sense will empower households, businesses, schools and industry to collectively reduce their electricity demand. The General Assembly adopted a statewide goal of reducing Virginia electricity demand by 10 percent by 2022. At the core of the Virginia Energy Sense program is a comprehensive, interactive website, The website provides consumers with information and resources to assist them in becoming smarter energy users —from helpful step-by-step videos, to a range of easy, budget-friendly tips, like how to use appliances more efficiently and save on heating and cooling costs. The website also features an innovative tool that allows Virginians to automatically track their energy consumption, compare their use with friends and neighbors, and earn rewards to popular retailers. Virginia Energy Sense has partnered with Earth Aid to provide this tool. “Virginians want to live and work more efficiently,” said Andy Farmer, Education Resources Manager for SCC. “And that’s how we’ve designed the Virginia Energy Sense program. We want consumers to find the information easily accessible and relevant for where they live. By providing the tools Virginians need to better understand their electricity consumption, we are confident that every person will do their part in helping the Commonwealth meet its goal of reducing electricity consumption.” A poll conducted for Virginia Energy Sense this spring found that consumers of all ages and incomes across the state want to learn more about their energy use and lower their consumption. They said it was just common sense to reduce energy. As large users of energy when compared nationally, Virginia homeowners and businesses have ample opportunities to use energy resources more efficiently. By reducing consumption 10 percent below 2006 levels by 2022, Virginia will reduce waste, save all Virginians money, help the state’s economy and improve air quality. Virginia is one of only a few states to establish an education and awareness program of this kind designed to empower consumers to save energy.

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About Virginia Energy Sense: The program, Virginia Energy Sense, is the Commonwealth’s state-wide consumer education and outreach program under the guidance of the State Corporation Commission (SCC). The program will encourage electric energy efficiency and conservation in Virginia households, businesses and institutions. The General Assembly directed the SCC to develop and implement an energy consumer education program for retail customers to provide information regarding energy use, production, conservation and energy efficiency. The Virginia Energy Sense campaign was created to meet that goal.

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