If you’ve been following the news (or spent a minute outdoors), then you know this week may be the hottest one of the year. We pulled together some of our favorite summertime energy-saving tips to help you beat the heat, keep your AC use down and save a little money:

  • Close blinds and curtains on windows the sun shines in
  • Change your AC’s air filter to ensure good air flow throughout your house
  • If you have a programmable thermostat, set it to increase your home’s temperature when you’re not there
  • Close air vents in rooms you don’t use; ensure vents in rooms you do use are fully open
  • Place deflectors on vents that are underneath tables and furniture to redirect air flow
  • Ensure your ceiling fans are rotating counter clockwise
  • No ceiling fan? Use a portable room fan
  • Large ovens produce significant heat so cook using microwaves, crock pots and toaster ovens

We encourage you to share these tips with your friends and family!

Lesson Plans
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Get your students energized about responsible energy use! In partnership with the Virginia Department of Education, we’ve created fun, multi-day, Lesson plans to help you teach your students how to understand and conserve energy! They’re classroom-ready and free to use!