It seems like we were just dealing with the dog days of summer, but the weather has finally cooled off due to the change in seasons. Fall is the perfect time to do some projects around the house to make sure your home is operating as efficiently as possible.

Below are a few key things to add to your to-do list for fall:

  • Put your storm windows back in, use caulking to seal leaks in window frames or utilize plastic sheeting as an additional layer of defense.
  • Make sure the flue of your fireplace is tightly close and caulk or utilize weather strips to fix leaks.
  • Check the insulation in your home’s exterior walls, basements, attics and crawlspaces. If you find that these areas don’t have sufficient insulation, fall is the perfect time to add insulation.

If you want more tips to increase the energy efficiency of your home, check out this checklist.

Lesson Plans
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Get your students energized about responsible energy use! In partnership with the Virginia Department of Education, we’ve created fun, multi-day, Lesson plans to help you teach your students how to understand and conserve energy! They’re classroom-ready and free to use!