The countdown to Thanksgiving is on! Whether you’re hosting your first Thanksgiving celebration or you’re a seasoned pro, planning out your menu and mapping out when to put each dish in the oven is one of the big headaches of the holiday.

This Thanksgiving, instead of shuffling things around in your oven, consider breaking out that slow cooker you have tucked away in your cabinets to help with those side dishes. All of your traditional Thanksgiving dishes can be cooked in a crock pot (yes, even the turkey). From mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole to pecan pie, check out this article with some great Thanksgiving recipes.

With these slow cooker short cuts not only can you avoid overloading your oven, but you’ll save on your electric bill. Crock pots use a fraction of the energy than an oven (using only one-tenth of the kilowatt hours), making the slow cooker not just a great option for this Thanksgiving but for preparing your family’s meals the entire year! This year, start a slow cooker tradition!

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