The holiday season often has us wracking our brains for fun, useful gifts for friends and family. Fortunately, Virginia Energy Sense is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of nine energy-saving gadgets that are sure to delight everyone on your list. Better yet, each of these unique gift ideas will present your loved ones with the opportunity to reap energy and cost savings!

For the tech-savvy homeowner: programmable thermostat

For the true techie, spend a bit more on a Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat. Programmable thermostats can help you trim about $200 a year off your energy bill by automatically reducing your heat or AC when you need it least.  (Avg. cost $175-$250)

For the thrifty bill payer: energy saving outlet

Great for appliances that are only used occasionally. The outlet uses a timer to reduce vampire power, energy being drawn from an outlet by a device even when not in use, which can you up to $100 per year in energy costs. (Avg. cost $15-$50)

For the chef in the family: electric crock pot

Electric crock pots are not only a great solution for your busy life, but also great for your energy bill; they use half of the electricity of a conventional oven! So give the gift that keeps on giving by helping the recipients save money on their energy bill.  (Avg. cost $30-$40)

For the person who has everything: smart LED bulbs

Smart LED bulbs can be adjusted from a smartphone or manually to automate it to adapt to your routines, and can last up to 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs. (Avg. cost $15)

For the conscious consumer: efficient showerheads

Using a low-flow showerhead reduces the water wasted while you wait for your shower to heat up and cuts the flow to a trickle once hot, then you simply pull a lever to return the flow to normal. You can pick up one of these to help save up on both your water and water heating bills. (Avg. cost $20-40)

For the outdoor enthusiast: solar-powered backpack

Perfect for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, a solar-powered backpack can charge multiple electronic devices at one time using a detachable solar panel. (Avg. cost $50-$200)

For the relative who’s always hot: window A/C weatherseals

By weathersealing gaps, you’ll reduce the amount of air escaping outside and help keep your room cool while keeping your energy bill in check. (Avg. cost $2-$7)

For the crafty DIY gift giver: door draft stopper

A draft stopper placed beneath a door is an easy fix to prevent air leaks and keep warm air contained in a room. For a fun winter activity, crafters and DIY’ers can even make these themselves with festive fabrics sewn around old socks or a pool noodle. (Avg. cost $10-$20)

For the gadget-obsessed teen: device charging stations

Do you know someone who has more gadgets than they can handle? These stations enable you to charge multiple devices simultaneously, reducing the amount of energy consumed per device. And even better, these charging stations automatically shut off when devices are fully charged reducing vampire power. (Avg. cost $40)

Each of these gifts, available at your favorite local hardware stores, electronics store or online retailers, are sure to be a hit and will help those close to you reduce their energy consumption and shave costs on their energy bills! While you’re out shopping for someone else, be sure to pick up your favorite gadget for use in your own home.

For our full list of energy-saving gadgets, click here.

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