VES_ValentinesDay With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, most people are gearing up to make dinner reservations and other plans to express love to their significant other. However, if you’re opting for a quiet date night at home, remember that your ideal night might not be so ideal for your energy bill. Virginia Energy Sense is the Commonwealth’s energy education program, and while we’re not Valentine’s Day experts, we do know how you can easily save energy. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you save energy and make your Valentine’s Day memorable.

Set the mood When creating the perfect atmosphere for your Valentine, dim your energy efficient light bulbs or use candles. Nothing says romance like a candle-lit-dinner.

Use your crockpot – Prepare a delicious home-cooked meal for your loved one by using your crockpot. Not only are they easy to use, they save energy, time, and use less power than an oven.

Use power strips – Before heading back to your sofa for a movie, make sure your electronic devices are plugged into a power strip. This will make turning them all off much easier.

Check your heat – You can save energy and keep your costs in check by keeping your thermostat at 68 degrees Fahrenheit while you are at home. Better yet, invest in a smart thermostat to control your home’s temperature from your smartphone.

ENERGYSTAR appliances – Share the gift of energy efficiency with your Valentine by giving them an ENERGYSTAR certified appliance. It will not only outperform their old appliance, but also help reduce their energy consumption.

Turn off the TV – If you want to focus on your date, turn off your phone and TV. You’ll have a more meaningful time and save energy.

Upgrade your fireplace – Own a fireplace and want to impress your Valentine? Install a heat-air exchange system or an energy efficiency fireplace insert to reap more savings!

Use a warm blanket – Instead of raising the temperature and using more energy, grab a comfortable blanket and relax with your date on the couch.

You can find more energy saving tips on the Virginia Energy Sense website to help keep additional costs low. Few things say love like saving money on your energy bill. Taking these important steps will also help Virginia reach its goal of reducing electric energy consumption 10 percent below 2006 levels by 2022, which will benefit all Virginians.

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