We’re excited to receive the Committee’s Choice Award from the Virginia Energy Efficiency Council (VAEEC) Education and Events Committee for our energy conservation school curriculum! Virginia Energy Sense developed the school curriculum with the assistance of the Virginia Department of Education in an effort to help teach the Standards of Learning on energy usage to elementary school students across the state. The curriculum contains Virginia Standards-based, cross-curricular classroom activities that appeal to a wide variety of learning styles. They combine interactive teaching and learning activities and promote energy conservation, offering a unique opportunity to create a dialogue with students in the classroom about this important issue. Virginia Energy Sense’s mission is to spread awareness regarding the importance of reducing electric energy consumption, and educating the next generation is a huge step forward in that regard. If you’re an educator and would like to incorporate the curriculum into your lesson plans, you can download it for free on our website. If you use the curriculum in your classroom, we would love to hear how it was received by your students. Feedback can also be provided on our website. Educating Virginians of all ages about saving energy will not only motivate them to take action at school and at home, it will also help Virginia reach its goal of reducing electric energy consumption by 10 percent below 2006 levels by 2022. Be sure to also read our blogs and incentives pages for additional tips and advice on how to reduce your energy consumption.

Lesson Plans
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Get your students energized about responsible energy use! In partnership with the Virginia Department of Education, we’ve created fun, multi-day, Lesson plans to help you teach your students how to understand and conserve energy! They’re classroom-ready and free to use!