Partner Spotlight: Association of Energy Conservation Professionals

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Virginia Energy Sense recently connected with Billy Weitzenfeld, the executive director at the Association of Energy Conservation Professionals (AECP), to learn how his organization and its members are helping Virginia families save energy. The exchange has been lightly edited for clarity.

Tell us a little about AECP.

AECP is a nonprofit, membershipbased trade organization that primarily serves as a resource and support group for the Virginia Weatherization Assistance Program (VWAP) a program that provides funding for the installation of energyefficiency measures in the homes of lowincome families. We have extensive experience in training, advocacy, education, renewable energy, energy conservation and efficiency, and home weatherization.

How does AECP help Virginians reduce their energy consumption?

AECP helps Virginians reduce their energy consumption mainly through our work with VWAP, ensuring that the program is properly funded and that people are aware of the program’s purpose and process and how it can serve eligible households.

In the past, we have also made great efforts to educate the public about energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and green building through our Green Living and Energy Expo, our Sustainable Living Education Center, educational videos and presentations, and our work with individual homeowners.

How can Virginians get involved with AECP?

Although only VWAP providers can join AECP, Virginians can support our mission by practicing energy conservation daily and by taking advantage of the latest energyefficiency technologies available. Another way to get involved is by supporting projects and initiatives in your local communities and across the Commonwealth that enhance and enable energy conservation and efficiency, renewable energy, and funding for home weatherization projects.